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Katie Hubbard is a singer songwriter based in St. Louis, Missouri. Her debut album, Slow Down, Child, was released in September 2022 and is a heartfelt anthem of grief, love, friendship and mischief. Influenced by a family of singers and musicians in love with the music of the sixties and seventies, Katie started writing songs after the death of a beloved aunt. A new melody was born in her mind and soul.

Slow Down, Child is a story of simple beauty in a world of constant hustle, love amid heartbreak, and new life after dramatic change. With a soothing voice that whispers to the depths of the soul, Hubbard’s storytelling takes you on a ride through the dark storms and beautiful rainbows of life. Her eclectic style takes on multiple genres as she takes herself way too seriously and contemplates the mysteries of life. Written and performed by Hubbard, Slow Down, Child came to life with the creative vision of producer Jamal McLaughlin, and the steadied collaboration of musicians Daniel Schafers, John D. Hopkins, and Josh Steinmann.

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